Steve Commeau



Steven Harold Commeau
DOB 6/14/1968

This man is a true CON ARTIST and will use  you for everything you have.  Ladies BEWARE of this man.  He is still married to Mila Commeau (look it up on the clark county website).  Look it up ladies he will take everything you have.  BEWARE he will tell you stories and stories and stories.  It all sounds somewhat beleiveable but ladies please know that it is all lies.  He and his parents are living in a fleabag motel in Boulder City, Nevada because they have no home.  He will lie though his teeth (oh wait he doesn't have that many......go figure).  This whole FAMILY, his mother (Beverly Jean Commeau aka BJ) and his father (George Commeau) are all liars and will take you for everything you have.  They are ALL con artists. 

Check out .......... (picture of me at my wife's grandmother's funeral)

Marriage Name Search Results Search Name Spouse Name Marriage Date Certificate Number Instrument Number

COMMEAU STEVEN H WENDIG HEIDI D 10/13/1995 C677046 199510300098185

COMMEAU STEVEN HAROLD LOPEZ MILA 02/02/2002 D399189 200202060071645

I know there are at least 2 more but not necessarily in Clark County.


Another Picture of Steve Commeau

George Commeau

Mila Commeau - His Current Wife